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What have I eaten today.

Eating today

Yesterday I was on a photo shoot so I got up about 6.30am and ran off to the studio.  I was there about 8am and had my 2 coffees....Then about 10.30 - after I had finished hair and makeup (see my work insta Bernfis)  i had breakfast:

2 pieces of my protein bread with cheese and strawberries on top....(Yum)

Lunch was 2 pieces of fish with Japanese spices and a kale  and broccoli salad with a bit of brown rice (gave most of the rice away to the model)

Arvo snack was some dark chocolate (70%) and some nuts.

Dinner was a large green salad - see pic...

I then went to my sculpture class where i drank tea....

Late night for me 11pm about in i probably didn't get my 9 hours sleep...yawn....


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